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Music Exemplified Part 7

Music, Dance and Drama
Introduction to Music Elements
Exploration of World Music
Introduction to Music Technology
Basic Vocal Techniques

Musical Exploration

Embark on a captivating musical odyssey in ‘Music Exemplified Part 7,’ an immersive course tailored for anyone interested in learning music. This course is designed to be an enriching exploration of music’s vast and expressive landscape. Students will unravel the fundamental elements of music, discovering the art of notation, rhythm, melody, and harmony. Engaging in hands-on activities, they will bring these elements to life through vocal exercises, instrumental exploration, and digital music creation.

Beyond the basics, ‘Music Exemplified’ introduces students to diverse musical genres, fostering a global appreciation for the rich tapestry of sounds that surround us. From classical compositions to world music traditions, students will explore how cultural contexts shape musical expressions.

Moreover Musical Exploration, the course cultivates creativity through the introduction to music technology, allowing students to compose and arrange their musical pieces using digital tools. They will not only learn to appreciate music but also become active creators in their own right.

Throughout the academic journey, students will participate in collaborative performances, nurturing essential skills in teamwork, communication, and artistic expression. ‘Music Exemplified’ lays the foundation for a lifelong love of music, providing students with the tools to understand, create, and appreciate the beauty of the musical world around them.

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Musical Exploration


5 hours on-demand video
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