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Business Analytics & Intelligence

Business Analytics & Intelligence





AWS QuickSight course: Are you facing issues with Big Data Analytics and would like to create stunning and robust visualizations using AWS QuickSig...
1 Lectures
3.5 total hours
ChatGPT Business Transformation: Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift in YOUR Business! Course Content! Four Comprehensive Modules. Each one focuses on a...
1 Lectures
2 total hours
Learn quickly with my Data Quality Management course that covers the latest best practices from the Data Industry The course is structured in such ...
1 Lectures
6 total hours
Unlock the power of financial data with this comprehensive course designed for non-tech professionals.   All the financial data of an organiza...
1 Lectures
5.5 total hours
SQL Bootcamp for Beginners Description: Embark on a transformative journey into the world of SQL with our comprehensive bootcamp designed to take y...
1 Lectures
9 total hours
$139.99 $23
Power BI data modeling and manipulation **Description:** Unlock the full potential of your data with Microsoft Power BI. In this comprehensive cour...
1 Lectures
10.5 total hours