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Functional Programming With Python

A beginner-friendly introduction to functional constructs in python
Andy Bek
313 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Practical fluency with map, filter, reduce, zip, any, all, list, set, dictionary, and generator comprehensions, and generator expressions
Complete coverage of intermediate functional constructs in Python: generators, iterators, decorators, closures, recursion, and much more!
A practical exploration of advanced topics: closures, recursion, partial function application, currying, memoization, infinite iterators, and overloading
A conceptual understanding of the key tenets of functional programming: immutability, purity, higher-order functions, recursion, and referential transparency

Functional Programming With Python:

Welcome to the best and most comprehensive introduction to functional programming in Python!

In this beginner-friendly course, you will get to learn and practice Python’s functional capabilities step-by-step, from the ground up.

  • immutability: the idea that data should not be modified in place
  • purity: the practice of writing functions that do not cause side effects
  • higher-order functions: treating functions as pari passu with other data types
  • recursion: the pattern of writing functions that call themselves
  • referential transparency: the principle that a function call can be replaced with its return value without changing the program’s behavior
  • map, filter, reduce, zip, any, all: utilities for working with iterables
  • list, set, dictionary, and generator comprehensions: concise ways of creating lists, sets, dictionaries, and generators
  • generator functions and iterators: functions that can be paused and resumed
  • variable arity: functions that can take a variable number of arguments, unknown at the time of writing the function
  • closures: higher-order functions that can access non-local variables
  • recursion: functions that call themselves
  • partial function application: functions that return other functions, with some arguments pre-filled
  • currying: a special case of partial function application
  • memoization: caching the results of function calls to speed up execution
  • infinite iterators: iterators that never end
  • functional overloading: functions that behave differently depending on their inputs

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Functional Programming With Python


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