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Executive Coaching Skills For Leaders

Learn the coaching toolkit as well as the differences between coaching, managing, and advising.
Jennifer Marchi
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Learn to decide why you coach, when you should coach, and how to coach.
Learn how to be an engaging coach and also how to listen as a coach.
Learn to ask good coaching questions by using our four different guidelines.
Learn how to make clarifying statements to people in order to determine if their path forward is the one that they are currently taking

Executive Coaching Skills:

In this course, Aimee Horowitz guides you through a six-part video class which covers four main goals. Understanding a leader’s role in developing the team is paramount for fostering a thriving work environment. Effective leaders recognize their responsibility to guide and nurture their team members, facilitating growth and progress. They must act as a catalyst for positive change, empowering individuals to reach their full potential while aligning their efforts with organizational goals. One powerful tool in a leader’s arsenal is adopting a coaching mindset. Rather than simply providing directives, a coaching approach involves active listening and open-ended questioning to elicit insights and solutions from team members. This not only builds trust but also empowers individuals to take ownership of their development and problem-solving processes.

Distinguishing between coaching, advising, and mentoring is equally vital. While advising and mentoring offer valuable guidance based on experience, coaching encourages self-discovery and critical thinking in team members. Coaching creates an environment of continuous learning and growth, where individuals feel supported and encouraged to explore their capabilities. Active listening, another key skill, demonstrates genuine interest in team members’ perspectives and challenges. By asking open-ended questions, leaders enable deeper discussions that lead to innovative problem-solving and uncover untapped potential. Helping the team navigate obstacles and unlock their potential through coaching ultimately contributes to a highly motivated, cohesive, and high-performing workforce, propelling the organization towards sustainable success.

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Executive Coaching Skills


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