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Creative Sparks: Unleashing Design Thinking & Ideation

Real Time Case Study for Problem Finding and Ideation
Dr. FAK Noble
208 students enrolled
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Enhanced Creativity
Effective Design Thinking
Compounding Effect Utilization
Disciplined Focus on Key Sketches
Mindset Shift for Problem Identification
Habit Formation for Continuous Improvement
Collaborative 30-Minute Sessions
Diverse Design Challenges Mastery
Scientific Understanding of Concentration
Application of Skills in Real-World Scenarios

Design Thinking & Ideation Mastery:

Welcome to “Creative Sparks,” a unique program led by a seasoned Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Product Designer with over 7+ years of diverse experience across manufacturing, strategic sourcing, product design studios, UI/UX design, and research-based projects. The instructor’s portfolio includes an award-winning medical device, showcasing excellence in the field.

Program Overview:

This program is your gateway to unlocking creativity and mastering design thinking for effective problem finding and ideation. In a world where design is not a formulaic process, the program adopts a hands-on, action-oriented approach, emphasizing the philosophy that true design learning happens through doing.

Key Components:

  1. Daily 15-Minute Creative Activity: Learn a simple yet powerful 15-minute creative activity designed to fit seamlessly into your daily schedule. Explore how this short exercise can be a catalyst for consistent and painless improvement of your creativity.
  2. Compounding Effect in Ideation: Understand the compounding effect of dedicating 15 minutes each day to creativity. Transform these short daily bursts into a repository of a hundred different ideas, emphasizing quality over quantity in problem finding and solution ideation.
  3. Discipline in Problem-Solution Focus: Cultivate discipline in focusing the first 15 minutes on problem finding and the next 15 minutes on ideation. Learn to channel your creative energy into key rough sketches that form the basis of problem-solving.
  4. Mindset Shift for Problem Finding: Explore the mindset shift needed for effective problem finding within the constraints of a 15-minute time frame. Dive into real-life examples and case studies that demonstrate how seemingly complex problems can be identified through this creativity exercise.
  5. Habit Formation for Design Improvement: Develop a habit of continuous improvement in design skills. Witness the transformation as this exercise not only disciplines you to be creative but also accelerates your speed in generating and executing a multitude of ideas when working with a team.
  6. Collaborative 30-Minute Sessions: Encourage collaborative creativity by forming networks with peers. Engage in 30-minute sessions, combining the individual 15-minute exercises for enhanced problem-solving and ideation within a supportive community.
  7. Diverse Design Challenges: Delve into various design challenges, including product design problems, system design issues, and biomimicry solutions. Learn to extract problem statements and solutions in a focused 15-minute span, creating a subconscious programming for effective and efficient creativity.
  8. Scientific 15-Minute Concentration Principle: Understand the science behind the 15-minute concentration principle. Discover why this duration is optimal for maintaining focus without distraction, suitable for both beginners and experts.

Embark on a journey of creative exploration and problem-solving mastery with “Creative Sparks.” Elevate your design thinking skills through short yet impactful daily exercises, and witness the transformation of your creative mindset in just 15 minutes a day.


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