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AI Apps with ChatGPT and LangChain: The Introduction

Building Generative AI applications with powerful Large Language Models
Kris Celmer
262 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Understand Large Language Models and how to use them in AI Apps, how to prepare inputs, call GPT API endpoints and process outputs.
Core Prompting Techniques: Instructions, Zero-Shot, Few-Shot, Self Confidence, Chain-of-Thoughts, Output Formatting to JSON Strings, etc.
Using ChatGPT API in Natural Language Processing tasks: Named Entity Extraction, Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Translation.
Manage chat history with LangChain Conversation Memory classes, including Window Buffer, Token Buffer and Summary, enabling sophisticated, intelligent chatbots.
Use Embeddings to create Vector Databases and Semantic Similarity Search to retrieve relevant documents to chat with PDF or HTML docs and Source Code.
Summarise long texts with LangChain Map-Reduce and Refine Chains, including PDFs, web pages, YouTube video transcripts.
Use ReAct and OpenAI Functions Agent Classes to develop reasoning Agents capable of dealing with complex problems, requiring sequence of steps to solve.
Build Chat applications to perform ad hoc Data Analysis with Pandas dataframes or SQL databases.
Develop intuitions about how all these work and can be applied to solve real tasks.
Learn latest and greatest Python libraries to build LLM enabled applications, including the famous LangChain.

Course Title: “AI Apps with ChatGPT and LangChain: The Introduction”


Discover the transformative potential of AI-powered applications with “AI Apps with ChatGPT and LangChain: The Introduction”. This course provides a comprehensive overview of leveraging ChatGPT and LangChain technologies to build cutting-edge AI applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer seeking to incorporate AI into your projects or an entrepreneur looking to create innovative products, this introductory course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to embark on your AI journey.


Participants should have a basic understanding of programming concepts, including variables, functions, and loops. Familiarity with Python programming language is recommended but not required. Access to a computer with internet connectivity and a text editor for coding exercises is necessary.

Who This Course Is For:

This course is tailored for developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of AI application development. Whether you’re looking to enhance user experiences, automate processes, or unlock new business opportunities, this course provides the foundational knowledge and practical insights to get started with AI-powered applications.

Course Content Highlights:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and LangChain: Understand the capabilities and applications of ChatGPT and LangChain technologies in AI development.
  • Building AI-Driven Applications: Learn how to integrate ChatGPT and LangChain into your projects to enhance functionality and user engagement.
  • Practical Application Examples: Explore real-world use cases of AI applications powered by ChatGPT and LangChain, including chatbots, virtual assistants, language translation tools, and more.
  • Hands-On Projects: Engage in hands-on coding exercises and projects to apply your knowledge and skills in building AI-powered applications from scratch.
  • Best Practices and Tips: Receive expert guidance on designing, developing, and deploying AI applications, ensuring scalability, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Why Enroll?

Enroll in “AI Apps with ChatGPT and LangChain: The Introduction” to unlock the potential of AI application development. Gain the skills and confidence to create innovative AI-powered applications that solve real-world problems and drive business growth. Join us and embark on your journey to AI mastery today!

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AI Apps with ChatGPT and LangChain


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