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Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV) Android

Add a Digital Coins System in your Android App where users can Watch Ads, Earn Coins and spend on in-app Rewards.
Stefan Jovanovic
29 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Implement Admob SDK for Android
Integrate Reward Ads in your App
Earn Money from Google Ads
Handle Server-Side Verification (SSV) for Reward Ad
Add Google Authentication
MongoDB Atlas integration
MongoDB Device Sync SDK for Android
MongoDB Functions and Triggers
Comply with the new European User Consent Policy
Google's User Messaging Platform (UMP)
Your own Backend Server used for SSV
Server Deployment to make your app Production-ready

Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV):

Embark on a journey to enhance your Android app’s functionality and revenue potential with the “Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV)” course. This course will guide you through implementing a robust ad reward system with server-side verification for security and compliance. You’ll learn to integrate these features seamlessly into your Android application, leveraging industry-leading tools like Admob, Google’s User Messaging Platform (UMP), and MongoDB Atlas. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll configure reward ads, optimize performance, and navigate the complexities of the European Consent Policy. MongoDB Atlas will empower you to create and manage a robust database, ensuring scalability and security. Master the implementation of server-side verification to fortify your app against fraud and ensure fair reward distribution. Throughout the course, you’ll have access to downloadable resources and a supportive community forum. Enroll now to elevate your app’s monetization strategy and user engagement while upholding security and compliance standards!

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Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV)


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