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Lightroom Mastery: A Masterclass in Photo Elevation

Elevate Your Editing Skills and Transform Every Image into a Masterpiece. Develop your Unique Style in Lightroom.
Unlock Lightroom powerful tools and secrets
Learn the magic of image editing
Take your style to the next level with a wise selection of parameters
Dominate crucial concepts and settings for high quality results
Create astonishing pieces from ANY kind of pictures
Differentiate yourself from the rest by clever use of masks and tricks

Lightroom Mastery

Embark on a journey into the heart of Adobe Lightroom: a software that may seem scary and challenging at first glance but is actually very easy to tame. This class aims to take you from a beginner to a confident and creative photo editor.

What You’ll Master:

I will guide you through Lightroom, helping you acquire the skills to achieve any picture style that you desire. We will cover applying both Basic and Advanced settings, unraveling the art of color manipulation, and adding personalized effects to make your images truly stand out.

Precision Editing and Artful Touches:

Discover how to perform precision editing with masks, enabling you to make adjustments with unmatched accuracy. Elevate your images to a new level by creating custom presets that reflect your unique style, and learn the art of exporting your masterpieces with finesse.

Pro Tips:

This course offers more than just the basics, providing a wealth of useful tips and features to enhance your learning experience. We won’t leave any concept unexplored or assumed, always explaining what every tool does and how to interpret it so you can apply them accordingly to your images.


The class Resources include the used image (RawPicture [ARW format]). Feel free to follow along with it or use an image of your choice.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity? Join us on this captivating journey through Lightroom, where you’ll turn every edit into a masterpiece.

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Lightroom Mastery


2 hours on-demand video
1 lectures
Certificate of Completion
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