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Foundation of Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

Creating a Short Documentary: Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
Rajesh Thakar
2 students enrolled
Introduction to User Interface of Adobe Premiere
Learn How to create a New Project and Organising the Media
Learn how to import the media with different options
Where to find free music & video
Learn how to create a new sequence and edit the clip in timeline
Learn How to add basic title to the sequence
Learn How to add background music to the edited project
Learn to add basic transition effects like dissolve transition effect
Explore the motion tab (transformation - position, rotation, scale, anchor point)
Learn motion effect like fast motion, slow motion, reverse motion
Learn how to export still freeze frame, How to hold the frame
Understanding of Frames per second (FPS), aspect ratios & codecs and resolutions
Basic editing and exporting the project

Video Editing for Beginners in Adobe Premiere Pro

Welcome to our comprehensive lecture series on video editing for beginners using Adobe Premiere Pro!

  • I am Rajesh Thakar, your experienced guide in the world of video editing. With over 25 years of teaching expertise, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring and guiding thousands of aspiring editors and VFX enthusiasts in India, as well as connecting with students from around the globe through online platforms.
  • Throughout this course, we will take you from the very basics of Adobe Premiere Pro and gradually build your skills and confidence in video editing. We’ll start by exploring the software’s user-friendly interface and learning how to efficiently organize media assets for your projects.
  • You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the various workspaces available in Adobe Premiere Pro, including the assembly tab, edit tab, color tab, effect tab, audio tab, and graphics tab. This knowledge will enable you to navigate seamlessly through the different aspects of video editing.
  • Our journey will then progress towards more practical skills, such as creating new projects, importing media files, and assembling them into cohesive sequences. We’ll delve into the art of editing clips effectively, ensuring smooth transitions and coherent storytelling.
  • Moreover, you’ll discover how to add basic titles and effects to enhance the visual appeal of your videos. Understanding adjustment layers will allow you to apply effects across multiple clips, achieving consistent aesthetics in your projects.
  • Audio plays a crucial role in video editing, and we’ll make sure you learn how to incorporate music into your projects effectively, creating engaging and immersive experiences for your viewers.
  • As we advance through the course, you’ll gain the confidence to export your edited videos in various formats and resolutions, ready to be shared with the world and to showcase your creative talent.
  • To apply your newly acquired skills, we’ll provide you with a small documentary script and voice-over to work on. This hands-on practice will give you valuable experience and boost your understanding of the video editing process.
  • Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to level up your editing skills, this course is designed to cater to your needs. So, get ready to unleash your creativity with Adobe Premiere Pro, and embark on an exciting journey into the world of video editing!



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