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4.8 out of 5
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Addiction Coaching Certificate (Beginner to Intermediate)

A comprehensive online training that delivers in-depth understanding of behavior change, habits and addictions
Robert Lahdo
38 students enrolled
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Participants will learn how to increase their emotional intelligence, leading to better interpersonal relationships and conflict management.
They will acquire strategies and techniques to identify harmful habits and addictions and gradually overcome them.
Participants will develop skills for self-reflection and understanding of their own behaviors to purposefully improve them.
Through practical case studies and examples, they will learn how to apply the principles of emotional intelligence and positive behavior in real-life situations
Participants will discover the science behind habit formation and learn the most effective methods for establishing new, positive habits.
They will explore strategies for building and maintaining healthy habits, such as exercise and mindfulness, to enhance overall well-being and productivity
They will learn Effective Methods to Expand within the field of Addictions

Addiction Coaching Certificate

Embark on an unparalleled journey with our Professional Addiction & Habits Coach Practitioner course (Beginner to Intermediate), complemented by the Professional Addiction & Habits Coach Practitioner Certificate. Immerse yourself in a seamlessly crafted, scientifically based curriculum designed to empower you to effect behavioral change, dismantle counterproductive tendencies, and confront daily stressors. Gain expertise in proven methods to address addictions related to Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media, Gambling, Pornography and Sex.

Who is this course for?

This course is tailored for individuals who have a genuine passion for helping others and a particular interest in assisting those striving to transform unhealthy behaviors, cultivate better habits, and break free from addictions. It serves as a holistic and transformative coaching experience for habits creation and addiction recovery.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn Effective Methods to Expand within the field of Addictions
  • Featured insights from renowned advisors and experts, including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Anna Lembke, Dr. Andrew Hubermann, James Clear, Tony Robbins, Jud Brewer, Kristi DePaul, and many others.

Course Overview:

Designed for coaches, therapists, and anyone eager to support others in overcoming addictions, fostering positive behaviors, and enhancing emotional intelligence, this course stands out. Whether you’re entering the realm of addiction coaching for the first time or seeking to enhance existing skills with a neuroscience-psychology-based approach, our course offers a gateway to a highly-actionable and comprehensive coaching process.

Why Choose Our Course?

  • Lay the foundation for a fulfilling career as an addiction recovery and habits formation practitioner.
  • No singular method; empower yourself with a contemporary, science-based, and collaborative addiction practitioner methodology.
  • Insights from leading experts ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

What You’ll Gain:

This course provides fundamental knowledge and insights, equipping you with the tools needed to thrive as a certified addiction coach. Join us in shaping a future where positive change and transformation become second nature. Enroll now and unlock the potential to make a lasting impact.


WARNING: If you are looking for a course that requires just a couple of clicks and is all done for you, then this course is NOT for you. This course involves work, including answering quizzes, completing assignments, readings, and watching many external videos. Just like everything worthwhile, it takes effort! Additionally, this course is not suitable for those seeking information about the use of addiction medications, etc.

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4.8 out of 5
10 Ratings

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Addiction Coaching Certificate


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